Giving Heart

I think it’s a safe assumption that from time to time we all forget we are in control of our lives. Depending on your belief system, we generally have free will and the ability to make independent decisions which shapes our future and our goals. I started to ponder the other day while at work, what if I could NOT live my life the way I wanted. Of course, I don’t have the luxury of owning a big home and permanently being on vacation, but in general I get to (kinda) live how I want and my family’s basic needs are provided for. While doing some quick research on the internet, I came across statistics that there are roughly 633,782 people on any given night in the US that are classified as homeless. What’s even scarier, is that many are youth and children. The rate of poverty is even higher, with many people affected by the economic decline the last several years that were financially stable prior. How does someone live life as they want when they have no means to do so? What happens when we do not have our basic needs met, and no resources to sustain them? When I ponder these things, it helps me to be more grateful for the blessings I do have in my life, and more compassionate when I see others who are living in dire circumstances. Many choose to live life without acknowledging the struggles others face, but ignorance is not bliss—it’s just ignorance. We can learn far more by acknowledging struggles in our communities and in finding ways to help. That is the life I choose to live. What small thing can each of us do when given the opportunity that helps someone else in need?


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