I didn’t get a chance to blog about this yet, but it is so important to remember. As I ran errands while on a break at work the other day, I ran across a homeless man sitting outside the gas station.

Back tracking for a second, It’s important to mention that I keep bottled water and granola bars in my car to pass out to the homeless since I see so many stranded people daily while at work. I don’t work in the best area of town, and often have people begging me for change, food, etc, while I pump gas or whatever. It’s such a sad state that I feel if I can at least give them food and water, I am helping them for that day.

So back to my story, he was groaning at people as they entered the gas station, unable to speak, but in clear distress in the 90+ degree weather. Not one person acknowledged his existence. Most probably assumed he was drunk, which may have been true. Wouldn’t you try to be drunk if you had to live on the streets in San Bernardino CA for a very long period of time?!? So as I approached the door where he was sitting, he grunted something unintelligible, and I offered to buy him a cold water inside. He frantically shook his head yes. When I came back out, he was stretched out on the ground and I noticed cracking on the corners of his lips from dry mouth. I set the water next to him, walked to my car and got 4 more bottles of water. When he was asked to leave the premises by the gas station attendant, he took his shirt off and wrapped up all of the bottled water in it so he could carry them as he left.

So a long story short, as I sat in my car watching this while gas filled my tank, I wondered, could this water save his life? Silly thought? Probably not. We do not realize how many people each day do not have food and water in THIS country and we sometimes are too busy to care. It’s the little things that matter in life. Pay it forward.

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